Best of Luck Slots Is Jam-Packed with Fortune Enhancing Elements

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5-reel, video, bonus
Magic, Fairy Tale
What kind of valuable treasures are hidden in the attic that you always wanted to sort out? You better take a look, because they can be way more valuable than you think, and they can also change your luck in an instant.

Once you start playing Best of Luck Slots, it does no longer matter if you're usually not the luckiest person in the world. This amazing slot title is able to bless you with a wave of good fortunes, because it is packed with only the most powerful luck enhancing elements.

These elements are all yours for the taking when you line up the slot reels on this much sought after online slot machine from luck and fortune enhancer Rival Gaming.

Receive Free Spins via the Bag of Gems Scatter Symbol

The bag full of gems is a very welcome scatter symbol, because it has the potential to give you up to six free spins. Collect three gem bags and receive four spins. Collect four of them and receive five complimentary spins. The highest amount of six free spins is given when you spin 5 bags with gems.

But the fun does not stop there. Every free spin awards you with a special bonus round, and you should really try to win at least three times during such a round. At that moment, you will be rewarded with an extra set of three spins.

Replace Symbols with the Lucky Cat Wild Attribute

The lucky cat wild icon functions as a useful symbol replacing feature. Use it if you if you don't have the right symbols when you are in the process of creating a winning line.

Furthermore, the wild also pampers you with very handsome coin rewards. Spin it twice on the reels and receive ten coins. Spin it 3 times and 100 coins will be yours. It gets even more exciting when you spin 4 lucky cats, because then you collect 1000 coins. However, your luck is at full power when you manage to place five wilds on the reels. At such a profitable moment, you receive a staggering win amount of 10.000 coins.

Other Lucky Symbols in the Game

Would you rather be very rich or very lucky? The good news is, you can actually be both when you play this excellent slot machine title. Besides a wild and a scatter icon, you can find a whole set of other lucrative and lucky charms in this game. You always need to collect at least three of these items in order to win prizes. However, the highest prizes become available when you collect five of them.

The acorn symbol is at the bottom of the reward line. It hands out 2 to 25 coins. From there on, you move up to the wishbone, which is good for 3 to 40 coins. Go another step higher and you benefit from the four leaf clover. This clover rewards you with 4 to 65 coins. The rabbit's foot is the next prize winning symbol in line, and it is able to give you 5 to 100 coins. After the rabbit's foot, things really start to get lucrative. 3 to 5 spins of the lucky coin symbol reward you with 10 to 175 coins, and 3 to 5 key icons are good for at least 12 to 275 coins. The lucky horseshoe comes next with an offer of 15 to 450 coins. The ladybug is also a fine symbol, because it comes with a prize that ranges from 25 to 700 coins.

Last but not least, you have two top paying symbols. The beautifully carved jade elephant is good for 3 to 25000 coins and the intriguing snake-eye necklace tops the normal symbol list with its 5 to 75000 coin reward.

Other Important Game Features Worth Mentioning

In total, this game has 5 lucky reels, and 20 blessed pay lines that you can use to form powerful winning symbol combinations. Only the biggest slot reel reward is being paid out per selected winning line. Your winnings on the slot reels are being paid out from the left side to the right side. Scattered winnings are slightly different as they pay out winnings in any direction.

Go in It for the Cash or the Fun

Before you start playing Best of Luck Slots, it is important to decide for yourself how you are actually going to enjoy this game. Are you going for the real money version or do you want to try the play for fun version first?

If you are not yet familiar with the rules of the game, and if you have no money to spare, then it might be better if you entertain yourself with the practice play option first. By doing that, you're able to obtain some knowledge and experience before you start betting for the real bucks.

Once you start betting for cash with the idea of making it big, it is important to realize that maximum bets will reward the biggest prizes, even though they are more risky for your budget as well. By planning your game play strategy with care, you will be able to fully benefit from this exciting slot title.

Make Good Use of All the Convenient Wager Options

The broad range in wager options makes this game a very convenient choice for budget players as well as die-hard high rollers. When it comes to betting choices, you can start with the lowest coin value of $0.01. From there on, you can go as high as $0.25. You can also select the amount of coins that need to be wagered. The minimum bet amount is 1 and the maximum amount is 10.

So with a maximum coin value of $0.25, combined with a maximum amount of 10 coins and 20 pay lines, you will place potentially lucrative wagers of $50.00.

If you always want to bet this maximum amount, then you can conveniently hit the max bet button. And if you just want to sit back and relax while your bets are being put to use on the reels, then you can also hit the auto play button.

Best of Luck Slots Is a Fortune Seekers Paradise

If you've always been a devoted fortune seeker, then Best of Luck Slots might just be the perfect casino game for you. After all, what more can you wish for then a game where the world's most famous lucky elements are placed together in an effort to provide you with only the best and most fruitful winning opportunities. Together with all the available bonuses, free spins and winning combinations, this game can definitely bring you the best of luck on a daily basis.