Why You Should Play the Best I-Slots in Online Casinos

Are you an all-round gamer and slot enthusiast who loves to do more than just pressing buttons on a single screen? Then I-Slots are what you need to focus on in online casinos.

These kind of slot games are tremendously entertaining, because a lot of them offer round based story lines that, depending on the theme, will take you to a variety of places.

During your play sessions, you will often switch to screens with completely new symbols and backgrounds, and you will frequently encounter multiple layered bonus rounds that are connected with each other through the thread of the story.

I-Slots with strong stories are the most entertaining ones, because you will adventurously work your way along the slot reels from the beginning of the tale to the end. This is a lot of fun, because such slot machines really have a rich content volume that makes them stand out from other games.

Add in amazing animations and fun little mini-games that let you do something else besides spinning the reels, and you have a package of gambling entertainment that cannot easily be matched by normal slot games.

The Invention of I-Slots by Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming slot title enthusiasts love this innovative casino software producer for many reasons. Not only does the popular developer deliver games that have high quality sounds, great graphics, appealing concepts and impressive winning opportunities, but it also stands in the foreground of cutting-edge slot game developments.

I-Slots are an acknowledged product of innovative developments in the slot game industry. Rival Gaming really established itself in this field, after it successfully created this now very popular gaming concept.

These days, I-Slots are praised for their originality. They are thoughtfully designed games that perfectly mix styles, genres stories and playing experiences.

If you closely follow slot game development trends, and you have decided that innovative, story based slot titles are really the thing for you, then the next step is to find the best I-Slots in online casinos.

A Switch in Time Slots Has the Perfect Theme and Story Line for an I-Slot

Prepare yourself to do something that many deem scientifically impossible. Before, time traveling could only happen in your imagination, but now your imagination has become real.

Play A Switch in Time Slots and become the brilliant (or mad?) scientist who somehow managed to build a working time machine. Yes, you are certainly not dreaming, because this time machine is definitely waiting for you in A Switch in Time Slots.

It is a very special machine as well, because it transports you to more than one specific time zone. This invention actually has the power to bring you to the future, the present and the past. That means you will have three amazing gambling adventures packed in one slot game.

This is a great opportunity, because who doesn't want to have a peek at the lives of people in different time periods. Just think about all the intriguing new friends that you will meet in those time zones. Additionally, you will also make big bucks during this extraordinary 5 reel and 20 pay line journey in time.

A Switch in Time Slots has the perfect theme and story line for an I-slot, and it is a guarantee that you will be busy for many hours when you devotedly spin through the years and the reels.

Combine Gambling and Real Estate Profits in Fixer Upper Slots

Fixer Upper Slots Is another great story themed I-Slot creation from Rival Gaming. In this home improvement themed slot title, you will have a chance to show off your handyman or handywoman skills.

There sure is a lot of money to be made in the real estate industry, and even more in slot titles that are built around that business theme. Will you be able to help a lovely couple so that they can flip their house like a real pro? Get to work and start all the necessary renovation tasks, because a fixed house might deliver you the jackpot when it is time to sell.

But before that sale takes place, you have to really roll up your sleeves and put all the available tools to work. Paint needs to be put on the walls, the yard needs to be pest free, and you have to cross some necessary plumbing tasks off your to do list as well.

When you're finished, the house has to look like it belongs to a king, in order for you to live like a king in the near future. All your hard work will be worth it, because big rewards will end up in your carpenter pockets. But money is not even all the joy in this 5 reel and 20 pay line game, because with a three round DIY set up, you have the perfect conditions for a continually entertaining slot title.

Heavyweight Gold Slots Slaps You in the Face with Knock out Features and Prizes

This third I-Slot from Rival Gaming focuses on an action packed, heavyweight boxing theme. This powerful 5 reel and 20 pay line game is a heavy hitter that slaps you in the face with some knock out features and prizes.

If you want to be able to handle such a heavy load of prize winning cash, then you should seriously start thinking about applying for a gym membership so that you can start to pump some iron.

Once you're beefed up, you can start to think about competing for heavyweight golden championship. But keep in mind that it will not be easy to work your way up in the tough and bloody boxing world. If you really want that golden championship belt, then you need to be fully dedicated to the cause, and you also need to be blessed with a bit of luck.

But enough talking and more action. Grab your boxing gloves and start to punch that spin button. Before you know it, you will be the wealthy master of the ring and the reels.

Hole in Won Slots Boasts the Finest Green Courses and the Most Profitable Green Papers

Rival Gaming wins again with Hole in Won Slots, and so will you when you decide to play this sporty 5 reel and 15 pay line I-Slot game. Are you an avid golfer and do you want to show your competitive rivals that there can be only one winner? Then it is now time to get excited, because you've been invited to one of the finest golf courses on the internet.

At this course, you have a chance to show everyone how talented you are with a golf stick and a golf ball. Defeating any competitors should, of course, be a piece of cake, because you're a professional after all.

So hop into your golf cart and steer it towards the luxurious golf course greens, because it is there that you have to shoot your prize winning hole in ones, or should we say reel in ones.

Enrich Yourself Culturally and Financially in Japan-O-Rama Slots

Are you are an avid Japanophile and a big fan of slot gaming, but did you never find a way to successfully combine these two loves together? Then it is now time to greet one of your new favorite Rival Gaming I-slot title with a hearty konnichiwa.

Japan-O-Rama Slots represents the land of the rising sun on the slot reels, and it offers only the highest forms of entertainment as well as the most valuable cash prizes.

The rich and fascinating Japanese culture bursts from the screen in this 5 reel and 20 pay line slot. It represents itself with various traditional Japanese cultural icons such as sushi, sumo wrestlers, ninjas and geishas.

However, one other thing that makes the culture of Japan so fascination, is its ability to successfully merge the old with the modern. And therefore you will also encounter hi-tech items, like robots, bullet trains and mobile phones, on the screen.

Combine all the old and modern symbols on the slot reels so that powerful winning combinations will make you the richest Japanophile on the internet.

The Best I-Slots in Online Casinos Will Continuously Entertain You

Don't think that you will get bored once you have completed the stories in some of the mentioned games above. Rival Gaming developed them in a way that they stay fun and entertaining for a long time.

Stories can have various outcomes when you reach the end. Your experience can be very different the next day, and that certainly adds an extra level to the fun and gambling excitement.

It is because of the best I-Slots and their innovative features that players passionately embrace this exciting way of slot machine gaming. Try all these games by yourself and experience their attractiveness first hand.

You have the opportunity to enjoy them for free, or you can jump into their tales with a bag of real money. Popular Rival Gaming powered gambling platforms like Bovada Casino and Café Casino offer both of these entertaining play style options.