How to Find the Best 5 Reel Slot Titles in Online Casinos

5 Reel Slots are some of the most widely developed slot titles. The steady stream of newly released 5 reel games proves that these kind of slot titles have become very popular among online casino members from all around the globe.

But how do you pick the best games out of such a large amount of 5 reel champions from high class developers? It can feel like a daunting task to find a game that precisely matches your reel spinning needs.

Find the 5 Reel Slot Titles That Really Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Luckily, there are methods that make it easy for you to get exactly what you are looking for. First of all, have a look at the themes that you usually enjoy the most.

From swashbuckling pirates, to purring cats and from thrilling jungle tomb adventures to colorful and nutrient rich fruits, there are many 5 reel slots with enjoyable and unique themes. Once you find out which of these theme thrill you the most, you can look at the benefits that these theme games have to offer.

When determining which slot title is the right choice for you, it is also a good idea to have a look at the software producer that has been responsible for the development of the game.

Perhaps, you already are a fan of the software and style from a particular developer. That certainly will make it easier for you to determine if a game is the right choice.

Some popular developers that consistently produce and deliver excellent games are Realtime Gaming, Genesis Gaming and Rival Gaming.

Do you still need some help to find a real treasure among all the available 5 reel slot machines after you applied the described search tips? Then it helps to have a look at a list with some of the best 5 reel slot titles in the industry.

Below, you will find such a list. All of the games in this list are proud representatives of a certain developer and a certain theme.

Do you like slots that focus on pirates? Then have a look at the Roger's Jackpot Slots. Or perhaps you are an adventurous type? Then it helps to read what a game like Indiana Jane and the Golden Tomb of Katun Slots has to offer to you. Are you not fond of adventures and do you rather stay at home with a comfortable drink? Then it is Dirty Martini Slots that you are after.

Scrolling through this best 5 reel slot title list will gave you a convenient birds eye view of what kind of golden entertainment options are out there waiting for you on online casinos.

Swashbuckle Your Way to Profits with Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots

Ahoy me matey, stop being such a lazy landlubber and get on board at Captain Roger's ship so that you can participate in an extraordinary adventure on the seven salty seas.

The captain and his jolly ship mates are hungry for some real booty, and you are going to help them find it. It is your objective to spin the 5 pirate themed reels and sail to profits along the 50 wavy pay lines.

During the daring journey, you encounter many important items that help you to defend yourself on the dangerous seas. At the same time, these items also lead the way to the hidden booty if you line them up properly. Some of the reel typical pirate themed symbols are the cannon, the treasure chest, a pair of cutlasses, a pistol and the ever so important bottle of run.

If the wind is in your sails, you might be able to swashbuckle your way to some fine personal treasures in this game. Don't wait for this golden opportunity to pass. Lift the anchor to test your luck as a pirate and sail on the waves of gold in Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots from the booty enhancing software provider Rival Gaming.

Encounter Winnings That Spin out Of Control in Catsino Slots

Catsino Slots is still a young kitten in the collection of 5 reel slot games, and it is purring to get some much needed love and attention from you.

You're strongly advised to give it that attention, because a good feline themed spinning session can be really profitable for your casino bank account. This is especially the case if the slickly dressed business cat becomes your guide on the five slot reels. This fur ball definitely knows how to spin like a boss, and he might just be your lucky cat.

So line up the right symbols, and you will soon see your winnings begin to spin out of control in this furry 50 pay line slot title from high rolling software producer Rival Gaming.

Benefit from the Many Lucky Elements in Shamrock Isle Slots

Does your green heart start to beat faster whenever it is St. Patrick's Day and when you think of Ireland? Then Rival Gaming's Shamrock Isle Slots will be the game that fully conquers your mind, heart and soul. And to be honest, what better name could there be for a slot machine title than Shamrock Isle Slots. Luck must definitely be on your side when you play this joyfully entertaining and luck enhancing game.

It embodies all the special elements that make Ireland so magical and attractive. Spin the 5 reels and you will encounter lucky many shamrocks, fairy tale unicorns and frisky Leprechauns. And where there are Leprechauns, you can be sure that there are pots of gold as well at that elusive end of the rainbow.

Will the Irish luck be on your side when you play this scenic 50 pay line game? You will only find out if you step into the beautiful and lucrative land of gold and green.

Mister Money Slots Shows You How It Is like to live the Good Life

It is time to learn how to make some real cash when you decide to hit the spin button from Realtime Gaming's (RTG) Mister Money Slots. The glitter and glamour just burst of you screen once the five reels start rolling.

All the presented symbols showcase everything a wealthy man might desire. There are eye-catching sport cars, piles of cash, glittering diamonds, sparkling jewels and even private jet planes. What more could a wealthy person wish for?

Do you long for these items and will you do everything to obtain them in the game and in real life? Then you better keep spinning the reels of this 20 pay line title, because great fortunes are definitely within reach.

Mister Money is one of the wealthiest persons on the planet, but he will soon have competition from you once you are finished with this slot title. Spin its reels with passion and you will have a wealthy life that is full of privileges.

Get Your Healthy Doze of Lucrative Nutrients in Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit is an important addition to your diet, but now it also becomes an important addition to your casino bank account. Coins are the nutrients that your bankroll needs, and Realtime Gaming's Fruit Frenzy Slots provides them in large amounts.

Fruit Frenzy Slots is a colorful and joyful game that always manages to put a smile on your face and a coin in your pocket. Start the game and you will meet your new vitamin packed friends on the 5 slot reels. Some of the fruits that you meet in this 25 pay line slot punch are the nerdy strawberry, the clown-faced orange and the tuxedo wearing banana.

These fellows are probably the healthiest characters you ever meet on a slot machine. Line them up properly so that your winning results will be very fruitful and juicy.

Make sure that you play Fruit Frenzy Slots as often as you can, because any doctor will tell you that a daily intake of fruits will be very beneficial for you.

Discover the Hidden Wealthy Life of a Mysterious Creature in Big Money Bigfoot Slots

Chances are that you heard about the mysterious nightly figure that goes by the name of Bigfoot. Is he really roaming around in the middle of the night or is he just a product of our imagination, placed into our heads by people who jumped at their own shadows in the dark.

Big Money Bigfoot Slots offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally discover the truth behind the mystery.

Prepare yourself though, because you are in for a big surprise when you spin the 5 reels and line up the 25 pay lines of this game. The truth is more extraordinary than you ever would have thought of. Not only does Bigfoot exists, he also happens to be lavishly rich and immensely charming.

However, he has been hiding for a very long period, and that needs to stop. Will you be able to catch huge rewards and the honors for exposing him to the general public? That certainly is an exciting prospect to chase after when you play Big Money Bigfoot Slots from Genesis Gaming.

What Kind Of Ancient Secrets and Treasure Await You in Indiana Jane and the Golden Tomb of Katun Slots

We already have the legendary Indiana Jones, but now we also (finally) get to enjoy the adventures of his female counterpart Indiana Jane.

This adventure seeking lady steels the show in Indiana Jane and the Golden Tomb of Katun Slots from adventure slot title producer Realtime Gaming.

The story of this 5 reel and 25 pay line game takes place in a dense jungle, and such an environment is of course an excellent spot to search for hidden treasures from ancient civilizations.

The archeologist Indiana Jane and her trustworthy assistant are your loyal companions on this treasure hunting trip. What lies hidden in the secret golden tomb of Katun that has been waiting for your arrival in the deep and dark jungle? Is it danger, are there treasures, or will you perhaps encounter both? One thing is certain, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime if you spin the reels of Indiana Jane and the Golden Tomb of Katun Slots.

Winning Tastes Better When You Play Dirty Martini Slots

After a long and stressful day, nothing feels as good as kicking of your shoes and plunging down in your favorite chair with a delicious glass of dirty martini in your hands.

You are in for an extra surprise though, because it just so happens to be that your favorite drink is now also digitally available in the form of a slot game with the delicious title Dirty Martini Slots.

This 5 reel and 20 pay line slot game offers you digital versions of the martini mix drinks that you love so much. All your favorite mix drink ingredients, like olives, lemons, oranges, pineapples and cherries are present on the reels, together with other delicious alcoholic beverages like beer and wine.

Wait no longer and visit your favorite Reatime Gaming powered casino, because it is definitely time for a tasty martini. And this time, it won't be shaken or stirred. In Dirty Martini Slots, your favorite drinks are spun to perfection.

More Reels Mean Bigger Challenges and Higher Payouts

The amount of reels on a slot machine determine how difficult it is to have a successful spin. More reels also mean that you have to wager more to play. However, these higher challenges also mean that you receive better payoffs when you do manage to spin the reels to your favor.

In general, 5 reels slot titles are combined with a minimum of 10 pay lines and a maximum of 50. The wager amount also depends on the number of lines that you want to bet on, and this amount can get really high if you, for example, bet on 50 lines at the same time. But again, expect better rewards when yours spins are successful.

A lucrative jackpot is such a beneficial reward. Bet on a lot of pay lines, and your 5 reel slot jackpot prize can easily enrich you with thousands of coins.

When it comes to slot machine varieties, 5 reels are in the middle of the spectrum. That makes them nicely balanced, and it explains why 5 reel games are the most common forms of slot titles on the internet. The described best 5 reel slot titles are of course just the top of the iceberg, but isn't that the place where the sun shines the brightest?

You find 5 reel slot titles in many online casinos. Try them today, in practice or in real mode, and benefit from all the lucrative pleasures that they have to offer.