Bring on Board Your Winnings in Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slots

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise Slots
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5-reel, video, i-slots
A baby boomer is a person who belongs to the generation that was born in the first couple of years following the end of World War Two. After that depressing war, positive feelings of love, peace and happiness about the future thrived, which logically resulted in a large spike of births.

Since that time, many years have passed. The baby boom generation has now reached the golden retirement age. And since we are talking about a generation that knew the beneficial values of saving money and working really hard, it is obvious that these newly retirees have enough cash to live the good life.

For many of them, the good life means going on a luxurious and well deserved vacation cruise that will take them to all kinds of exotic places on the globe.

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slots Is More Than Just a Normal Slot Game

This online slot machine game belongs to Rival Gaming's exclusive I-Slots collection. These I-Slots have a high level of complexity, and they are progressive by nature.

They are not just simple slots were you only spin the reels and collect your winnings. Instead, you actually follow an entertaining story line, and you collect profitable bonus features along the way.

A Very Special I-Slot Game

This particular 5 reel and 15 pay line slot title is actually even more special. Not only does it boasts a fine set of bonus features, but it also has its own characteristic, destination themed, slot reel sets that trigger unique symbols and winning opportunities. Here follows an overview of what you are about to experience when you embark on a Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slots adventure.

The Exciting Start of Your Cruise Journey

Every cruise journey starts, of course, at the travel agency. This agency is your portal to a high-end vacation on the water. There are 5 reels on the travel agency screen, and they boast symbols like sunglasses, binoculars, a photo camera, a globe and a compass.

However, a special cruise ship icon is the most important and most enjoyable symbol on the travel agency reel set. Once you hit this attribute at least three times, you will be able to give the destination wheel a spin.

This is very enjoyable, because the wheel can give you extra credits. But perhaps more importantly, it can also give a final decision about where the cruise ship will take you in the world. Will it be the beautiful snow covered mountains in Alaska, the ancient islands of the Greek, or perhaps the sun stroked beaches of the Caribbean? Needless to say that the tension and excitement will rise when that destination wheel starts to spin.

Three Available Dream Destinations

Wait with packing your belongings before the destination wheel reveals where you will be going to. You need colorful summer clothes for a swinging Caribbean Carnival trip or a sun soaked Greek getaway. However, if the destination turns out to be a snowy Alaskan adventure, then you better pack some warm cloths, and perhaps your skiing outfit as well. Will you be the lucky traveler who is able to visit all of these three destinations in the near future?

A Whole New World Opens up to You During an Amazing Greek Getaway

Amazingly, a whole new slot world reveals itself once you reach your destination. The Greek getaway has its own surroundings and slot symbols. You will immediately recognize symbols like the Olympic torch, a goat, a moped, a temple an urn and the helmet of a historic Greek warrior.

The cruise ship symbol also keeps showing up during your stay in Greece. And it is time to say goodbye to this Mediterranean country when three of these ship icons appear. At that moment, the travel agency screen shows up again, and you can start to make arrangements for the next exciting trip on the list.

The Alaskan Adventure Exposes You to a Lot of Icy Fun

Once again, the surroundings and the slot reel icons completely change once you disembark from the ship and set foot in cold but beautiful Alaska. Here, you will also find typical Alaskan symbols like the salmon, the polar bear, the seal and a pick that is used for finding gold. And of course, there is no need to say that finding gold or cash is another good reason for traveling to this remote and nature rich area.

Experience Exotic Fun and Hot Winnings During a Caribbean Carnival Vacation

Can it get any better than spending some of that rightfully earned retirement money on a warm and exotic Caribbean carnival vacation? Once you end up in this pristine part of the world, your reels will be dominated by colorful images like the blue fish, the yellow banana, the red cocktail and the multicolored beach ball.

Lucrative Entertainment Options on Board of the Ship

This amazing slot title takes having slot machine fun to a whole new level. Besides spinning the reels and absorbing the destinations, you can also enjoy yourself on the ship with a variety of mini-games that present themselves in special bonus rounds.

As you may expect from a cruise vessel, there are always plenty of entertainment options on board. In this case, it means that you can have a lot of fun when you play games like bingo, skeet shooting and shuffle board.

Not only do these games offer a good time, but they also have the potential to reward you with fine profits that will make the cruise vacation even more special.

Let the Luxurious Journey Begin

Now that you know where to book your life changing cruise ship vacation, and you know what kind of entertainment options are offered on board of the ship, it is time to actually take action and spin those wonderful I-Slots reels in motion.

However, are you tired of having to do things after your retirement, when you actually just want to relax? That is no problem, because the slot machine will take care of the work when you click on its auto play button. Just hit it, sit back and watch what kind of symbols keep sticking on the slot reels while you sip your cocktails and enjoy the view.

Furthermore, if you still plan on saving money after retirement, then you also have an option to play Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slots completely for free in the fun mode. This is very exciting, because after all, who doesn't want to enjoy a free cruise trip.

However, if you are willing to put some of those pension dollars to work by themselves, then you should definitely try out the real money version of this game. Who knows how much extra souvenirs you can buy with all that juicy prize money.

Pick the Fruits of Your Labor During an Exciting Cruise Journey

When you work hard during the course of a lifetime, it is more than deserved that you can pick the fruits of your labor when it is time to retire. At that point, you're allowed to exchange all that hard work for hard cash and endless fun.

But who knows, if you play it right, you probably don't even have to wait for your retirement. You might already end up with enough cash to go on real cruises, and live a comfortable life of luxury on the seven seas.

So start spinning those reels, and start daydreaming about all those fantastic destinations that you might be able to visit in the near future. All that is left to say now is bon voyage, and good luck on the reels of Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slots.