Who Spun It Slots

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3D, bonus, video
Crime, Detective
As you might guess from the title you can expect to play a slots game here that brings you the chance to solve a murder. This is a good twist on the usual whodunit mysteries you might be familiar with. With evidence, clues and detectives all in play, Who Spun It? is a game you will love.

How many reels and paylines will you see?

This game features five reels and it also has 30 paylines in action so you’ll get a nice range of opportunities to grab some prizes with each spin here.

How much can you bet as a minimum and maximum?

Your smallest bet amount in the game is two cents; however you can increase this to a dollar if you wish. There is the option to play between one and five coins on every payline you decide to enable as well.

Does Who Spun It? have any special symbols?

Yes and there are lots of them! For starters you can collect clues, and there are three levels that enable you to do this. Once you have all the clues for one level you move onto the next. Each level has five clues and there is a theme for each one as well, for example it could be the murder weapon itself.

Is there a bonus game present too?

Once the three levels have been completed in terms of grabbing clues, you will go into the bonus round. The evidence symbol must appear in the middle of the center reel in order to trigger this round. The bonus round involves interrogating the suspect to see if you can work out whether they were the killer or not.

Download and play Who Spun It? today!

This game is very different to anything else you may have seen so far. It will appeal to anyone who likes their slots games to be a bit unusual and a bit more exciting than the average game. As such we think this will be a real winner for many people.

There is a detective mode in this game that brings an additional bit of fun to the reels and gaming experience too. However this is one of many features you will come to enjoy. Make sure you play Who Spun It? now and make the most of any potential prizes you could win.