At the Movies Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Movies, Entertainment
If you like your slots to be really colorful you’ll definitely love At the Movies. This is a great slots game that immediately draws you in and has you looking for those winning combinations. Let’s check out more details below.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This is a pretty standard five-reel game offering 25 paylines in total. As such you get a nice combination of options to choose from if you want to play all the lines.

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

You’ve got a pretty good range of bet amounts to choose from in At the Movies. Your lowest bet is for just two cents, while the highest is for a dollar. Remember this is for each line you decide to play on, so you’ll need to multiply them to figure out how much you’ll wager in total.

You also have the option to play between one and five credits on every line you activate. As you can see you can play anything from just two cents to a whole lot more on this game!

How many special symbols are there?

You’ll see a symbol featuring the happy and sad theater masks that is the wild symbol. In addition you’ll also see a projector symbol that acts as the scatter. Two or more of these can win you either free credits or free spins, so make sure you watch out for those.

Is there a bonus level?

There doesn’t appear to be a bonus level on this game, but to be fair there are lots of free spins and credit winning opportunities to watch out for instead.

Try At the Movies today!

We loved At the Movies, not just for its colorful screen but also for the number of careful touches that have been built into the game. Take the 3D areas at the bottom of the screen for example. The drink and the popcorn bucket both move and when you click on the spin clapperboard it will move accordingly as well. You will also see a 3D screen pop up with a winning combination, so the whole game is pretty entertaining.

We think you’ll enjoy playing At the Movies on your computer, since this online slots game has plenty to offer. Why not download it and play it now to see just how good it is?