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400% up to $4000 for Slots, Keno and Scratch Cards (LUCKYRED400)
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Bank Transfer, Click2Pay, EcoCard
The Lucky Red flash casino has been designed to draw in the punters with an eye-catching site. However, it’s not all about appearances. This site is fully featured, with the chance to enjoy instant play options as well as downloading the full site. According to the information they provide, 98% of players opt for the download straightaway. Will you do the same?

Let’s discover more about the casino right now, so you know what’s in store when you pay a visit.

Does Lucky Red offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, it does – and they know that such a bonus is a good thing to have. That’s probably why they are offering a massive 400% welcome bonus on whatever you deposit. This bonus could be worth as much as $4,000 to you.

Alternatively, you might choose the 100% matchup bonus of up to $1,000, but you can only choose one of these, so choose wisely!

Is it easy to preview the games available at Lucky Red?

Yes – just scroll all the way to the bottom of the site and choose the ‘preview games’ option. This will show you screenshots of all the games available. These are divided into sections so you can easily find a particular kind of game. For example, you can find table games, slots (by far the biggest number of games available) and video poker. Specialty games are also provided.

There is also a collection of slot games with progressive jackpots attached to them. These are well worth looking at because they provide the additional perk of having a bigger jackpot that could be triggered anytime. And by big, we mean it could reach into seven figures!

Lucky Red Flash Casino — Win in Style!

It’s your lucky day that you found Lucky Red Flash Casino! Whether you are simply looking for a fun little diversion, or you are interested in making a quick buck to save up for your retirement, we’ve got plenty of fine slots here for you, each of which tends to pay out better than the last! That’s the main theme of the website, all of it being based on your lucky, and your luck being pretty good around here!

They offer competitive games, competitive bonuses, and all manner of other things that also tend to spice up the experience. This makes for more than your typical online casino, offering a large number of games to play, as well as ways of engaging with them! If you are looking for a good time or more, then we are right here with you. Come and give it a chance, and find out why this is one of the most popular casinos on the Internet!

Casino Gaming at its Best

The collection that is offered here is really well matched to any place we’ve seen. Everything here comes together in a seamless way, typically being real time gaming titles, and all tied together by a common payment mechanism and various promotions. These promotions are certainly nothing to sneeze at, as some will even have a large smile placed on the faces of veteran slot goers.

Real Time Gaming (RTG) Slots that are Brand New

We have the latest and greatest from one of the big names in the gambling scene because of how well they provide players with compelling experiences. Real time gaming is a legend for a reason, and all of their latest tiles are available here. No matter what you want to play, they probably have it. We’ve also probably played it quite a bit ourselves, as you will soon find from the popularity rankings! We love slots, and they have clearly pick the ones that we enjoy the most for our fellow players, unlike other websites, which are trying to force things on us.

  • Interstellar 7s Slots
  • Buffalo Mania Deluxe Slots
  • Wonder Reels Slots
  • Cosmic Crusade Slots
  • Seahorse Surge Slots
  • Mega Monster Slots
  • Lucky 7 Game
  • Magic Forest: Spellbound Slots
  • Rich Harvest Slots
  • Beary Wild Slots
  • Prosperity Pots: Lucky Coins Slots
  • Kong Fu Slots

Play from the USA!

No matter where you are, even if it is in the states, you could have a good time here. Usually players in the USA are left out, but not so at Lucky Red Flash Casino. They specifically cater to US players, but they also allow people from all over the world to get in on the fun. No matter where you are, you could sit down for a spin, or potentially stand up, if you’re using a phone!

Tournaments Abound

They have some of the best and fastest tournaments on all of the Internet. Everything you see here is best played with other people, in competition on all levels. This makes for an exciting time that everyone can get it on, and tends to be the most popular feature on this site. It is actually rare to see a day without a tournament going on, and it serves as ample reason to get you back in for just one more spin!

Daily Rewards and Promotions

The bonus is here are quite generous, and change all the time. No matter what day you show up, there’s something interesting going on, and all kinds of ways to win more money

The welcome bonus here is one of the greatest we have ever seen, going up to 400% when you make your initial deposit. This maxes out at $4000, which is absolutely amazing! You’re not even having to take a chance on that to win, you get it instantly. You could also get a match up bonus that goes all the way up to $1000, but we recommend the former. The math is very easy on this one! You only get one, so we would rather have the one that pays more.

Instant Play on All Devices

Everything on this site loads up like lightning, and is playable all around it. There is no device we can throw out that that did not work flawlessly, and they are continually developing at updating the site to support more and more devices. You will not have to worry about being caught in an odd place with an old phone and unable to play. Even the oldest of device is tuned around these games just fine, making even the most modest of us able to get in all the winnings!

Mobile Casino All Around

You can play these games on all of the devices like we said, and they are continually catering to all the new ones that come out. Even if you have the latest iPhone, you will have something to find here. It truly is an entirely mobile experience that you can take with you, bringing the casino fun to anywhere you are, and never leaving you an excuse to miss out on the winning!

Bitcoin and Banking!

As you would expect, you can also conduct all of your transactions here in wonderful bitcoins. This is the currency of the future, and certainly that of the Internet. Everything here goes off in an instant, and there’s never lost along the way. If you were looking for the most secure way to conduct or gambling online, this is certainly it, and it is offered across every single service the site provides. Everything here zooms along at lightning speed for that reason, and nothing ever gets in the way of your winnings.

You could even bank your money here should you want to let it all ride in the future, which is all conducted seamlessly due to the way the website as designed. It really is a nice feature, and goes a long way towards making you feel welcome, as well as giving you a reason to come back for just one more spin! They went above and beyond what most websites do in that they offer either bitcoin or online banking for the winnings, and we commend them for that reason.

What about support?

The Lucky Red casino is professional in every way, and that includes providing a section of FAQs, should you need them. The cashier section gives you comprehensive information relating to deposits and withdrawals, while the contact section enables you to get in touch in the relevant way.

They do have a live chat feature which means you can get answers fast, without leaving your computer. You’ll see whether or not they’re online simply by looking for the green light on the live chat panel.

Try your luck at the Lucky Red flash casino today!

All in all, Lucky Red is a great online casino with plenty of games for all players, no matter which type of game you love most. Try it today and see what you think.