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200% up to $2000 (7DAYWELCOME200)
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The name Aladdin's Gold just gets you in the right mood for what is to come, doesn't it? This online casino uses the Aladdin tale to create a nice theme for the website as a whole. Look for the genie on the home page, and the invitation to enter the palace by downloading the casino. It just gets better from there!

Is there a welcome bonus in store for you?

Once you check on the promotions section, you'll see the genie has a sensational offer to make. When you join Aladdin's Gold, you have a chance to earn 200% on seven deposits in the first seven days.

There is another good deal - this time from the Sultan, we are told - if you would prefer playing blackjack and poker to slots. This offers 3x 65% deposit bonus to use while playing those games.

Claim your bonus codes for daily promotions at Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino

Is every day going to be a good day at Aladdin's Gold? While we cannot guarantee a win will come in your direction, we can guarantee there are always bonus codes to be had at this casino. Claiming the deals on offer each day makes your membership even more powerful.

With a different deal for each day, you can be ready to use the required bonus code to bring you the finest and most powerful deals around. Don't forget - without the bonus code you won't be able to claim these account boosters at Aladdin's Gold.

Can you see the games before you join?

All you need to do is click on the preview games option to be taken to the appropriate page. According to the site, there is a total of more than 120 games to choose from.

The first selection you will see includes table game options such as pontoon, blackjack and baccarat. Underneath that you have got all the slot games you will be able to choose from. Clicking on the logo for each one only reveals a larger screenshot, so there is nothing to play there. However, it does show you how wide the options are when you are looking for a great game to play at Aladdin's Gold casino.

Which of the new RTG slots would you like to play today?

What a great question! How about all of them?! Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino offers players the opportunity to choose from all the new titles in the RTG collection. Even better is the fact you can enjoy choosing those titles without a download being required first. All the new games are available to play across all devices and in Flash format too. Choose your title and find out what lies in store for you - all without any delays at all.

Are there any tournaments to look forward to?

This might depend on when you visit the site. There is no area devoted to tournaments at Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino. That means they probably do not offer them on a continual basis. However, it doesn't mean they will never offer them. It just means you should watch for any news of forthcoming events they might decide to run on a tournament basis.

Rewards get better by the day

That's because every day is given a different reward to mark it out from the rest. So, if you tend to visit on just one or two days of the week, you might miss out on some awesome rewards offered on other days.

The good news is you can view all the rewards simply by visiting the Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino now. You will soon get a feel for which rewards make the most sense for you to claim. Since each day brings something new to look at, you can see when you can make your deposits to get the rewards you love most.

Flash means instant play is never far away

Fast and flashy… is that what the Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino is all about? The term flashy can be used in a negative way, but when we are talking about a Flash casino, you can bet it is a positive thing!

If you regularly play across different computers or you simply don't like the idea of downloading any casino software (even if it is free), you should consider using their instant play casino instead. This gives you the chance to play a whole selection of games that do not require anything to be downloaded. Isn't that cool?

It is by far the quickest way to play, especially if you do use more than one computer to visit the site. But it is reasonable to prefer this method of play anyway, especially when you see how convenient and enjoyable it is.

Could you wish for a cool mobile casino to use as well?

Really, there is no need… the Aladdin's Gold Casino does offer a mobile site you can visit whenever you like. In case you were wondering, one login is ideal for all these versions of the Aladdin's Gold Casino. That keeps things straightforward and easy to understand. It also means you can appreciate the accessibility more than ever.

The next time you get a spare moment while you're shopping, waiting for a train or bus, or even an appointment, you'll know the mobile casino at Aladdin's Gold is just a moment or two away.

Choose Bitcoin for simple banking

Even the dubious players using online casinos are being won over by the convenience of Bitcoin. Once you have opened an online wallet and bought some Bitcoin, transferring it into your casino account couldn't be much simpler. The team at Aladdin's Gold will also steer you through the process. It's easy to withdraw those coins too if your game pays out while you play.

How many banking facilities are offered alongside Bitcoin?

You can count on finding both card facilities and e-wallets next to each other at Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino. There is no better way to enjoy an online casino than by knowing how easy it is to manage this part of your membership. Aladdin's Gold has thought of everything.

What about support?

The support here is very good. Firstly, they provide a good selection of frequently-asked questions to look through. These are divided into four areas, so you can easily go to the relevant section if you wish.

However, if you want further input, you can use the contact us page to get the required details. Live chat is the best option, as it is definitely the fastest. You could also use post or mail if you wish, or there are phone and fax options.

Try your luck at the Aladdin's Gold flash casino today!

We all know the story of Aladdin. Having an account with Aladdin's Gold - free to open - means you have a chance to win some great prizes by playing some of the many slot and table games available on this website. How lucky will you be?